Saturday, 8 December 2012


The limitation to react and act is the freedom we have. Freedom is our existence-it mirrors the state of mind beautifully be it happiness or fear. Freedom is our own thought which lays down rules for mind and heart to function and follow.Surprisingly it also defines relationships and its limitation. 
For some freedom is rare and precious. For some it is taking things for granted. As rightly said by someone 'there is no age to be afraid- unless u try u wont know whether it was worth being afraid of the situation'. And I guess that's why music, dance, movies,writing, love, friendship, passion, basically doing anything that we love gives us freedom- freedom to live, achieve,inspire and most importantly freedom to be our selves. Restrictions, rules, culture will only make us think about what is right and wrong. Freedom simply makes us think beyond the ordinary and allows us to live. Even the smallest thing that we do that gives happiness is experiencing freedom.Do what u love, be with someone who inspires u to live and be ur self only then u will feel freedom to live is the best state of mind

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Khwaashion ke iss jahan mein
Kuch aadhe kuch pure khwaab sajayein
Kabhie pislein aur kabhie tej raftaar se
Kadam ko bewkoof banakar masti mein chalayein
Dil ka haal jo bhi ho..hassi ko ek dusre se udhar lekar
Pyar ke takiye par aansun tapkayein
Kal ke taale ko chodkar aaj ki chabi dhunde
Aur Haaton se tali bajakar dhun kuch nayi banayein
Gum ka batwaara karke kabhie tera kabhie mera pet bharlein
Takdeer ko apni mila kar zara pairon ko felakar sapnon ka mazza le lein
Roz udte udte apne pankhon ko tez hum banayein          
Kabhie shakar kabhie bina shakar ki chai ki chuski se din ko kuch khaas banayein
Gusse ko chappal banakar ghis de usse bhi chalte chalte
Bachpan ki yaadon se tasveer ek nayi banayein
Harkaton se apni pagalpan ki aadatein dal lein
Khuli aankhon mein bhi nasha kuch aisa dal lein
Bhul jayein hum apne aap ko kuch aisa aashiyana hum banaye
Khwaashion ke iss jahan mein
Kuch aadhe kuch pure khwaab sajayein
Chal apne aiynee ko ek duusre ke sayyein se hum sajayein

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Woh Chehra

Dhundli si ek parchayi toh hamesha se hi mann mein basi thi..
Lagta ki jab yeh sapnon ke badal hatenge tab saamne aajayega woh chehra…
Woh chehra jiski hassi se yeh zindagi hasin lage..
Woh chehra jiski baton mein waqt ka kabhie pata hi nahi chale..
Woh chehra jiski roshani se sabhi ko dher sari khushiyan mile..
Lagta yeh chehra sapnon se kabhie bahar hi nahi aayega..
Kyunki mohabbat toh ab sirf sapnon mein karne ki himmat rakhte hai hum..
Par najane dil ne ek aanjane chehre ko dekhar ishara diya..
Woh chehra aanjaa ho kar bhi bahut apna sa laga..
Woh chehra jiski khamoshi bhi mujhse baat karne lagi..
Woh chehra jiski ek shikan se mera dil bharne laga..
Woh chehra jiski aankhein naajane mujhse kitne wade karne lagi..
Woh chehra jo ab sapon se bhi pyaara lagne laga..
Woh chehra jis pe yeh dil phir se mohabbat karne  laga…

Remembering SMJ-Extra Ordinary show with Ordinary ratings

As per TAM, , Satyamev Jayate even failed to make it to the Top 10 shows list in the Hindi speaking market (HSM). I wonder how?? Concept of this show was simply brilliant and to my surprise I was hooked on it from day 1.

When I saw the promos of this show, I was eagerly waiting and thinking will this show match up to its promise and Aamir Khan’s reputation. When I saw the first episode I was surprised how beautifully facts were put up on this show without making it dramatic and fake. The content was ‘Real’ and thank God, they dint even try the ‘desperate’ TRP route. At least I dint feel it!!!

This show actually made me write this blog.Hmmmm…

I get up in the morning, open the newspaper which is filled with news of - corruption, politicians watching porn or justifying their statements and policies of their respective parties, pot holes have increased in the city, student committing suicide because dying is preferred over competition,farmers… Oh God! I think I made my point- It is depressing.The only good think about Newspaper is checking movie timing ( I know we have internet for that. But I being old school, I still like doing that)

And then I have to commute in the train to reach office. Trust me, every day I travel in fear. I’m suspicious and feel somebody in the train is carrying a bomb.I know its sick, I don’t know how a terrorist will look. Will he say ‘Hey Richa, I’m a terrorist- Save the people at VT station’. But I still stare at people and am suspicious all the time. Then you see on TV, Guhawati Kand and many other Kands. The funny part is in all these debates, intellectual people come and talk how and why the girls are being molested.

When I hear comments of one section of the society saying ‘Women should not provoke men. They should dress up decently’,it amuses me.

If you want to see how crowded Mumbai city is you should go to Dadar station in the evening and just stand at Dadar Station’s bridge, you will find how many fuckin people stay here. I mean there is no place to breathe. Whom to blame for this- people who are producing so many kids or lack of development of other states.

Statement from a Mumbaikar ‘ Rehna kaun chatha hai yahan pe, Par kya karein paisa toh Yahin hai’.

Inflation is taking a toll on everyone and you hear Mr Raj Thackery telling Janta ‘Stop paying taxes’. Sorry, my bad ‘  Konihi tax deu naka’ (Mind my Marathi).I’ve no words to describe this Mahan statement of this Mahan hasti. Few days back when I was going to Lonavala, few men stopped my car and asked for ‘Pollution Tax’. I obviously fought and ended up not paying anything, but what I saw was shocking , this toll tax pass was issued by Mr Raj Thackerey and they were his party workers.
I should have shot this entire episode and I missed a chance to earn few millions, as INDIA TV would have paid me a bomb for such content.

So when I look around I see only problems, fear and struggle. Democracy is killing democracy. To summarize, we are afraid of death and we continue living in fear- This is our life!!!
I wonder when my grandparents saw freedom fighters fighting for our mother land, they would have felt so proud and they had a strong hope and will to see Independent India- which they saw. But who knew Independence will just be on paper.

Unfortunately we are still struggling for Independence. When I saw SMJ- I had ‘hope’ watching ordinary people creating a difference. I was happy that someone is talking about solutions and not just problems of our country. Trust me I still have hope that some day we would get our Independence in real sense. Cheers to Aamir Khan and his teamJ

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Aadatein bhi ajeeb hoti hai
Saans lene ki humein ab aadat si ho gayi hai
Aur Inn saanson ko tumhare liye jine ki
Sapne dekhne ki jo aisi lath lag gayi hai humein
Kya karein ab toh sapnon ko bhi tumhare bina neend nahi aati
Aadatein bhi ajeeb hoti hai
Gum aur khushi  ke bina toh ab humari zindagi aagey hi nahi badhti
Khushi ke liye tum hassi ho aur gum ke liye tum aansu ban gaye hai ho
Yeh  aadatein bhi ajeeb hoti hai

Thursday, 12 July 2012


When you came in my life and asked my name
I said call me whatever you feel like
When you looked in my eyes and asked me to be your angel
I said all your dreams are mine
When you held my hand and asked me to walk
I said i will never ask to where we heading
When you laughed and asked if i would always be like this
I said i will always be your sunshine
When you cried and asked me if i would leave
I said i will always be yours
When you told all your stories and asked if i was bored
I said i will listen to them without a blink
When you left and asked me if i would cry
I said i will find you wherever you are
When you came back and asked me to tell my name
I said i'm just someone who loved you all the time

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fighting for a seat!

Fighting for a seat!

In our country not just the politicians but even the ‘Aam Aadmi’ fights for a seat- the only difference is that this common man fights for a train ‘seat’.

The reason why I’m writing this blog is to take you through a small incident of this so called dream city. Everybody here is struggling and trust me the struggle doesn’t stop at ‘Roti’ Kapda’ ‘Makkan’. The struggle is for smaller things…Oopppssss did I say ‘small’, sorry my bad I meant BIG things like a train ‘seat’.
Well, before telling you the story I want to give an interesting Insight about Women,who travel in the train in Bombay - you see they have this brilliant way of communicating how ‘Dukhiyari’ they are and how much they go through in life- right from getting up in the morning to cooking food, taking care of the in-laws, husband,kids and then travelling in the train to reach office - all this is like a war. And the beauty is that they will do all this but they will also crib about it in some or the other way about this life that they have chosen for themselves.

Bottom line is we Crib- which I’m sure everybody knows and I was just trying to remind!!

Anyway coming back to the story, I struggled to enter this Super fast train from Mulund today (‘Struggle’ – is my favorite word of the day!! So I’m gonna repeat it a lot of times and also this is an appropriate word to describe our lives) My God, I think age is taking a toll on me and I’m getting philosophical day by day!!
So yes, I managed to get in the train somehow and got a place to ‘stand’ (Yippie!!! how lucky my day is gonna be now, atleast i’m not dying of suffocation and sweat). I looked around and found one cute looking fatso and I just liked her face so asked her where will she get down?(No I’m not a lesbian and btw women stare and check out women more than men- though they will not accept it. I’m just being too modest!!!) She told me that she will get down at Byculla (chalo good, atleast 15 minutes I will get o sit before I reach VT station….hmmmmm chatrapati shivaji terminus that’s what they have named the station now. How does it matter??? I still call ‘Bombay’-Bombay and not Mumbai because when I was born it was Bombay and even when I was growing up it was Bombay. And it is very difficult to erase things that you have learnt in childhood!!! People have lot of time in life to sit and change names of the cities, countries, islands etc etc etc and they say they do it to protect the culture, religion and some crap.

As soon as the cute fatso woman said Byculla, three other ladies who were standing next to me screamed like bitches and said ‘You can’t give your seat to someone else because in 1st place this seat doesn’t belong to you. You dint wait in the queue at Thane station and dint follow the rule’

WOW!!! I wondered what is all this??? Have these old fucks gone insane or something!!!

One of the aunties started telling the cute fatso that you have no respect in life. You should be ashamed of yourself and then all the three used my favourite word in their favourite line ‘We STRUGGLE and get up in the morning, manage everything to reach station on time…BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. We have to cook in the morning( this is so funny!!! I was too tempted to ask her do you cook for everyone in the train? No, right!!! Then why are you telling us all this) Anyway continuing her dialogue ‘ I’m sure your parents have not taught you how to respect and BLAH BLAH BLAH’.

Guys, let me throw some light on why these three aunties were going mad. So apparently there has been a rule for the past 5…no wait 10…hmmmm no I guess 15 years( people change the years as per their convenience) that people should stand in the queue at Thane and Dadar station to get in the fast train. And like all the rules this also has its flaws – This is not a rule created by any Governing body or Railways. There is no written documentation of this rule. And the funny thing is that this rule is not applicable to any other stations (Bloody racists!!!)

Who created this rule???? We- the people for the people!!!! It may sound that I’m against the rule. Trust me I’m neither for it nor against it. My only thing is if people have created this rule for making travelling easy and to avoid mishaps, why there is no legal, official rule till now. Why there is no board at these stations talking about it (Probably posters for this rule would be-Pehle wahi chadega jo pehle uthega- some corny line like this)And if somebody is not aware of this rule then you can’t treat them like dirt and act as if the damn train belongs to you.  

People got this rule for their own convenience. And people who talk about following rules forget basic duties that they have as citizens of this country.
The immediate next moment I see one of the aunties throwing half eaten apple outside the window. (Where are all the manners you dumb fuck that you learnt in school and probably you teach your kids- Do not LITTER!)

This is nothing when the cute fatso got up from her seat to get down at Byculla, this insane crazy aunty pushed and held her so that she misses her stop!!!! And then Fatso pushed her back and said ‘Everybody has seen who has manners left and I will follow the rules if there was one- I was not aware of this and there is no notice board at the station talking about it’ ( I don’t why her dialogue delivery was just like Ajay Devgan in Singham- full power packed)

I was shocked to witness that sight and felt bad for fatso. People talk about following rules which they have created for their own convenience and forget the other rules and regulation which has been created for them. It’s funny!!! 

Everybody acts and follows things as per his/her own convenience. I have nothing against anyone but being an observer I felt that I’m not the only one who is fucked in life. There are people who are insane and more fucked in the head than me.

We talk about issues like corruption, scam, rape etc (I’m sure if I start listing the issues, it will turn out to be longer than the blog I’ve written), but before solving bigger issues there are lot of smaller issues to be solved.
In this country democracy is completely raped and used as per their own convenience. I’m not a judge (though I would look cute in the judge outfit) to decide what is right and wrong.

But this incident is a reflection of the daily struggle (I’m in love with this word now!) that people in Bombay city go through. But on the brighter side, struggle is part of our life and with no pains there are no gains- Well, that’s why I say ‘Such is life’:)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The real failure is the failure to try- The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I feel sorry – for the people who have missed this movie and for the critics who said this movie was disappointing.

A true traveller is the one who discovers his own self! This movie is beautiful and with its wit and real characters takes you on a journey which will make you laugh, cry and bring you close to reality in a positive way!
It bridges gap between religion, culture and most importantly time and age.

Every performer be it Judy Dench who is trying to find her own identity charms you with her simplistic, calm performance. Bill Nighy who is a henpecked husband of a bitter and annoying Penelope Wilton and Tom Wilkinson – gay and a former judge wants to spend his last days in India and find the guy he was in love with- they all are superb and will make you fall in love!

This story is not about people who are old and lonely, it is about all of us and our failure to try.
People who talk about film making and feel movies like Inception etc etc etc…are the movies made with great creativity and are thought provoking. Just want to remind them that there is another side of film making which is equally creative and thought provoking but it believes in narrating an Insight in a simplest way and believes in uplifting you by its charm and light hearted set up.                         
P.S. It’s a free country and this is just my POV.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Kaun ho tum?

Kaun ho tum?
Ek sapna ya meri soch…
Tum woh kirdar ho jisse nahi kabhie maine likha aur nahi kabhie maine mehsoos kiya....
Aakhir kaun ho tum?
 kyun tumse milkar mujhe laga ki mein kitni akeli thi.
Naajane kyun jab tumse baat karti huun toh aisa lagta hai ki mein apne mann se baat kar rahi huun
Tumhare saath toh aansun bhi dard ki nahi khushi ki bhaasha bolte hain…
Kaun ho tum?
Meri parchayi ya mera ehsaas
Kyun tumhare hone se mushkil bhi aasman mein kahin duur chupe huye tare jaisi lagti hai   
Mujhe nahi pata tum sahi ho ya  galat…
Tum sachh ho ya jhoot
Tumhe khone ke darr se toh ab mausam bhi badalne se ghabrata hai…kahin uske badalne se tum rooth kar chale na jao….
Kaun ho tum?
Ab iss sawal se hi bhaag rahin huun mein
Kyunki apne dil se bhala thodi koi puchta hai ‘kaun ho tum’.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Aankhon ke iss berang pani ko toh chupa liya kajal ke rang ne
Balon ke akelepan ko bhi gajron ka saath mil gaya
Bechare hoton ki chuppi ko kaise taise halki muskan ne sambhal liya
Kaanon ne bhi baaliyon ki chankaar se samjhauta kar liya
Par aaina toh chalak nikla
Mann ke adhurepan ko phat se pakad liya
Log shayad sacch hi kehte hain,Aainey kabhie jhoot nahi bolte

Friday, 20 January 2012


Chotti si yeh zindagi…
Kabhie lagti bahut badi si….
Jab khushi miley toh daud ne lagti hai
Aur gum mein toh jaise tham si jaati hai
Hawaa ke jaisa hi hai humara rishta zindagi ke saath…
Inn dono ke samne khade hogaye toh …lad jaate hai yeh humse…
Aur agar inn dono ke saath khade hogaye toh inke guzarne ka ehsaas bhi nahi hota…
Bilkul girgit jaisi hai yeh….sabhi ko  apne alag alag rang dikhati yeh
Kare toh kya karein…iss zindagi ki aadat jo ho gayi hai….kare  jo  bhi yeh zindagi…
Hume apne aap se rubaroo kara deti hai yeh...humari kamzori aur takat ka ehsas dila deti hai yeh…
Ajeeb si hai yeh zindagi…humare samne kai sawaal khade kar deti hai..par kabhie humare sawaalon ka jawab nahi deti…
Chotti si yeh zindagi…
Kabhie lagti bahut badi si….