Saturday, 22 September 2012

Remembering SMJ-Extra Ordinary show with Ordinary ratings

As per TAM, , Satyamev Jayate even failed to make it to the Top 10 shows list in the Hindi speaking market (HSM). I wonder how?? Concept of this show was simply brilliant and to my surprise I was hooked on it from day 1.

When I saw the promos of this show, I was eagerly waiting and thinking will this show match up to its promise and Aamir Khan’s reputation. When I saw the first episode I was surprised how beautifully facts were put up on this show without making it dramatic and fake. The content was ‘Real’ and thank God, they dint even try the ‘desperate’ TRP route. At least I dint feel it!!!

This show actually made me write this blog.Hmmmm…

I get up in the morning, open the newspaper which is filled with news of - corruption, politicians watching porn or justifying their statements and policies of their respective parties, pot holes have increased in the city, student committing suicide because dying is preferred over competition,farmers… Oh God! I think I made my point- It is depressing.The only good think about Newspaper is checking movie timing ( I know we have internet for that. But I being old school, I still like doing that)

And then I have to commute in the train to reach office. Trust me, every day I travel in fear. I’m suspicious and feel somebody in the train is carrying a bomb.I know its sick, I don’t know how a terrorist will look. Will he say ‘Hey Richa, I’m a terrorist- Save the people at VT station’. But I still stare at people and am suspicious all the time. Then you see on TV, Guhawati Kand and many other Kands. The funny part is in all these debates, intellectual people come and talk how and why the girls are being molested.

When I hear comments of one section of the society saying ‘Women should not provoke men. They should dress up decently’,it amuses me.

If you want to see how crowded Mumbai city is you should go to Dadar station in the evening and just stand at Dadar Station’s bridge, you will find how many fuckin people stay here. I mean there is no place to breathe. Whom to blame for this- people who are producing so many kids or lack of development of other states.

Statement from a Mumbaikar ‘ Rehna kaun chatha hai yahan pe, Par kya karein paisa toh Yahin hai’.

Inflation is taking a toll on everyone and you hear Mr Raj Thackery telling Janta ‘Stop paying taxes’. Sorry, my bad ‘  Konihi tax deu naka’ (Mind my Marathi).I’ve no words to describe this Mahan statement of this Mahan hasti. Few days back when I was going to Lonavala, few men stopped my car and asked for ‘Pollution Tax’. I obviously fought and ended up not paying anything, but what I saw was shocking , this toll tax pass was issued by Mr Raj Thackerey and they were his party workers.
I should have shot this entire episode and I missed a chance to earn few millions, as INDIA TV would have paid me a bomb for such content.

So when I look around I see only problems, fear and struggle. Democracy is killing democracy. To summarize, we are afraid of death and we continue living in fear- This is our life!!!
I wonder when my grandparents saw freedom fighters fighting for our mother land, they would have felt so proud and they had a strong hope and will to see Independent India- which they saw. But who knew Independence will just be on paper.

Unfortunately we are still struggling for Independence. When I saw SMJ- I had ‘hope’ watching ordinary people creating a difference. I was happy that someone is talking about solutions and not just problems of our country. Trust me I still have hope that some day we would get our Independence in real sense. Cheers to Aamir Khan and his teamJ

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