Saturday, 26 October 2013

Yunn kuch samajhte samajhte

Kehti nahi toh mann samajhta nahi
Teri sunti nahi toh bhi mann samajhta nahi
Par yunn kuch samajhte samajhte mann khamosh sa hai
Sochta hai kahin Uski batein ussi tak na reh jaye

Samay kehta hai ki bas samay ki baat hai
Samay soche ki kehta nahi toh mann samjhta nahi
Par yuun kuch samajhte samajhte mann khamosh sa hai
Sochta hai ki jab mann hi nahi hoga toh yeh sab khud ko kaise samjayenge

Umeed ka sahara tha par umeed kehti hai ki kuch umeed usse bhi chahiye ab
Umeed soche ki kehti nahi toh mann samjhta nahi
Haskar mann socha ki sab mann ka khel hai saara
Saada sa mann bechara khamosh sa hai

Sochta hai ki phir aakhon tak pahuchegi uski nidhar hussi
Phir kahenge aur sunenge sab pyaar ki boli
Samay bhi badlega apni chaal, jab milega na usse kisi ka saath
Umeed se bhar dega umeed ki jholi
Kyunki mann toh aakhir maan hai, kab tak reh payega bina sune apni

Ab apne aap ko samjhane laga hai, 
mann ke jeete jeet hai aur mann ke haare haar
Yuun kuch samajhte samajhte , halki muskurahat liye mann khamoshi chod,
Lag gaya phir se apne kaam par
Samjhane laga khudko  ki mann phir se lag jayega sab ka
Aur aakhir keh di mann ne apne mann ki baat

Thursday, 17 October 2013


Koshishein kabhie nahi thakti
Aur hairani ki baat hai ki woh kabhie ruuthti bhi nahi
Kuch Karne ki chahat bhi koshish aur Kuch na Karne ki majburi bhi
Insaan toh thakk jata hai par saali koshish nahi thakti
Ajeeb sa nasha hai koshish ka
Apne aap ko apne aap se milati hai
Aur apne aap se ladati bhi hai
Log kehte hain ki Koshishon ki Jeet hoti hai toh kabhie haar
Kya yeh kehna sahi hai?
Kyunki Woh toh chalti jaati hai, mud jati hai  jahan raasta dikhe hain wahan
Waqt ke aagey nidhar khadi rehti hai
Thoda waqt Shayad zarur Leti hai par koshish kabhie haarti nahi

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The very ' Jhakaas' star

Probably we all developed love for movies in our childhood days itself. My love for movies and this madness for Bollywood began watching Anil Kapoor.

 Today when I saw few scenes from chameli ki shaadi, eshwar, meri Jung and mr India- i looked at the television set with the same excitement and amusement the way I did when I was a little kid. Sitting on the couch, mom, dad and I watched these movies zillion times.

I've seen a lot of movies in a theatre when I was a kid as my parents loved movies, but the movie I remember watching for the first time in a theatre was 'roop ki rani Choron ka raja' and I was just 7. I simply enjoyed that movie. My mother tells me that I started dancing in the theatre when ' Mein roop ki rani' song played on the screen. Now I know y I'm so mad.

Mr India and Eshwar had released much before ' roop ki rani Choron ka raja' and I remember watching these movies on VCR, then on DD and then on cable. Eshwar's character and his innocence is one of my fav characters in Bollywood and I think it is very well played.While watching Mr India, I always imagined myself being little Mr India who will save the world- my Indian version of super hero and I guess that's y I never liked any other super hero- He-man, superman etc etc.

 When people asked me what I would be when I grow up. My answer would be  ‘lawyer'- this was only after watching ‘ Meri Jung’ hahahhahaaha.

And then came my all time fav movie-Rakesh roshan's khel- Anil Kapoor, Madhuri and Anupam kher. This movie is a big Nautanki comedy film. ' mujhko chand Lakar do idleedo idleeedo' was my fav song for the longest time and I have no idea why:)

When Tezaab, Ram lakhan came, by then I was in love with Anil Kapoor- angry, rugged and tapori character. I had no idea that I would like a guy who is rugged has a daadi (beard) and very heroic. And now I know y I never liked chocolate boy looking guysJ

After watching ‘Lamhe’ my respect for this actor grew. It's that time I understood that my love for movie watching was not just limited to enjoyment and entertainment. It was beyond that, it was about observation and characters. Well, I thought I had grown up all of a sudden. Lol. And dancing on ‘ Kabhie mein kahun’ became the ideal way of romance for me. When I think about it, it just brings a smile on my faceJ

Half of my life went in dreaming and living those characters that I saw in these movies. I love it. And I love being mad and filmy.

Anil Kapoor is one of the finest actor and I'm happy that I grew up watching him:) People who think bolywood is crap! I disagree, it has made me laugh, cry, fall in love and made me what I'm today.
Hope to see more of this versatile and brilliant actor, Anil Kapoor.


Saturday, 27 July 2013

It's too hard to watch Before Midnight

In the 7th minute,  I was relieved when I figured Jesse and Celiene are together, 9 yrs was too long a wait for me.
'How long's it been since we wandered around, bullshitting'- this line sums up their entire relationship and journey. I don't think I want to get over this movie- probably the best trilogy ever made.
Actually I don't want to call this a movie, bcoz u 've to remind urself again and again that u r just watching a movie. It is too true and honest to be a movie. It is a belief, experience and hope.
The ease of how comfortable they are with each other is a complete beauty to watch.Their conversations -intense, intellectual and funny, which  is the crux of their relationship- . Fights, individuality, frustration, expectation  will come and go but what holds you together is the craziness, comfort and conversations that makes you what you are irrespective of how old u get.This movie is dangerous Bcoz it makes u believe in soul mates and love- which is so young and raw that simply never fades. It makes u believe that when 2 people are made for each other, they will end up together sooner or later.
Nothing in life is simple and straight but life is an adventure when u just be and do what u want to with someone u want to be with it inspite of all the confusion and different things u want from life. Real romance which will make u think, wonder and crave to love and be yourself:) this movie inspires me to write. It gives me a high and makes me happy -a state which i feel is an illusion. But I don't mind living in it forever. The best part is you will never understand this movie till the time u've experienced this love in real.
Before Midnight- a tale of bond, friendship of 2 people who've seen worst of each other but their love is just enough for them to live this twisted journey of life.It instructs about what it’s like to wish for something, someone, and have it come true. It's really hard to watch this film:)

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Ajeeb sa haal tha..
Mann Mein shararat bhari thi par phir bhi mathe Mein shikan thi
Udna toh chahta tha dil..
Par najane tera mann kaunsi uljhan Mein duba tha
Hoot toh puuchna chahte thee Kai sawaal
Par Ruke huyein thee tere Hoton ke ishaaron ke liye 
Hawaa ke jhoke mere baalon ke Saath khelna chahte thee 
Par hawaa tham si gayi Taki teri Nazar ek baar mujh par pad jaye
Baarish ruk ruk kar gir rahi thi, woh bhi intezaar Mein thi ki kab mujhe dekhar tu muskuraye
Laga jaise ankahi baatein ansuni hi reh jayegi
Phir jaate jaate meri aankhon ne teri aakhon Mein mujhe dhund hi liya
Aankhein meechi, toh wahin Paya khud ko
Ajeeb sa haal tha
Tu toh bekhabar tha inn baton se, par tera Mann toh sab samajh gaya tha
Bas thakha tha woh waqt ke paiyoon se
Ab sab lagey hain tere Mann ke haal ko badalne Mein 
Aankhein kholi toh bheeg rahe the hum tum ped ke Saaye Mein
Hawaa naachti huyi baalon ke beech se guzri toh 
Tere Saath baatein kar kar ke hooton ne sawaalon ko toh bhuula hi diya
Mann phir masti Mein khwaashion ki udaan bhar liya
Socha humne ajeeb sa haal thaa
Par kyun haal ko kosein jab Shayad Mann khudi ka kharaab tha

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Decoding Love

There is a lot spoken and written about love. Religion and mythological stories all have covered ‘love’. But it’s funny when it comes to define love, it is so difficult to put it in words. Probably that’s why everyone will have a different version of it. Actually what people end up doing when asked about love is that they talk about the feelings that they have for the person they love the most and that feeling probably sums up to be love.

Naaa I’ve no intent to give gyaan on love. This thought of decoding love came to me while watching my favourite movie ‘ Before Sunset’ ( which fortunately or unfortunately happens to be a love story). I’m not a sucker of romantic movies. But I’m a sucker of movies which just makes me so close to the movie that I start living in it ( OMG! that sounds dramaticJ). Not that I don’t enjoy senseless movies- these set of movies are entertaining ( which includes all your Singham, Dabangg, Andaz Apna apna, Golmal ,Hangover,Fast and furious etc etc) In fact movies with no meaning are the best because they take you on a ride, which is surreal and away from any thoughts. But Before Sunset is probably the only movie which seems like you are peeping in somebody’s life and experiencing each action, movement, feeling, emotions, smiles, cries and pains of the character as if it’s happening to you.

Richard Linklater (director of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset) has broken the rules of film making. With just 2 characters on your screen for almost 2 hours, doing nothing but TALKING has broken all the records and made this movie a cult. Excellent dialogues and strong screenplay make this movie so fresh, real and raw. It’s not only Richard Linklater but Ethan Hawk and July Delphy got into their characters and wrote this beautiful piece.
According to me this movie ranks the top in my list because it touches upon ‘CONNECTION’ – which is pure and rare. The beauty is most of them will see themselves in  Jesse and Céline’s character( atleast I doJ). It will remind you of one person in your life who made you look perfect with all your imperfections. That one person with whom you can ‘COMMUNICATE’- right from fears,politics, environment, movies, passion,bosses, rains, clothes..about your childhood memory- the girl you hated in college ( because of all the silly reasons),extremely bad jokes, how dumb you were in geography, how you peed in your pants because there was no loo around, childhood crushes,the most silly thing in this world that you can think of, Stories and experiences which has made you- Anything and Everything.

Coming back to the movie, its difficult to pick one fav scene but my favourite is when Celiene and Jesse drive down to Celine’s place- her feelings how she was crazy and naïve with him and after that she has never found herself..In frustration, she says that how all the guys who had loved her got married and then they call her back to thank her how nice she was and how she taught them to love ( this is a damn funny scene). The way Jesse narrates that his life seems so perfect but it is completely opposite of what it looks. He wrote the book in a hope to meet Celiene again. And the last scene is a complete winner, when she Celiene sings and dances imitating the singer – she is so happy and completely herself  and then she says the last dialogue of the movie’ Baby, you are gonna miss your flight’.  Confronting each other how comfortable they are with each other is expressed in the dialogues and it is done brilliantly. I have a smile throughout while watching this movie.

Simplicity and real characters with endless conversations – this movie will make you probably believe that ‘love’ exists. And it is that feeling that you share with someone with whom you are yourself and crazy. And that person makes your life meaningful J. Conversations will only make you meet yourself.

Apart from Before Sunset- Life is beautiful, Great expectations, P.S. I love you, The pursuit of happiness, Barfi expresses ‘ human connection’ in a brilliant way.  It amuses me how magical the experience is to watch good movies.

This is the 2nd time I watched Before Sunset and to my surprise I remembered most of their conversations. This is one movie, which makes me feel wish I could write and express experiences and stories with that ease and simplicity.
No story and writing can create magic without personal experiences. Linklater ( director of Before Midnight) had met someone in his life, where he spend one whole day and that woman inspired him to write about this story.

Experiences are precious and they make great stories.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Nothing less and nothing more

Hearty laughs and  silly jokes...
Corny lines and high fives...
Random and never ending conversations
Sometimes adding sense to things which are senseless and 
Sometimes serious discussions which results into endless madness...
All of this, nothing less and nothing more 
You make me crazy, you make me who I'm...