Saturday, 5 October 2013

The very ' Jhakaas' star

Probably we all developed love for movies in our childhood days itself. My love for movies and this madness for Bollywood began watching Anil Kapoor.

 Today when I saw few scenes from chameli ki shaadi, eshwar, meri Jung and mr India- i looked at the television set with the same excitement and amusement the way I did when I was a little kid. Sitting on the couch, mom, dad and I watched these movies zillion times.

I've seen a lot of movies in a theatre when I was a kid as my parents loved movies, but the movie I remember watching for the first time in a theatre was 'roop ki rani Choron ka raja' and I was just 7. I simply enjoyed that movie. My mother tells me that I started dancing in the theatre when ' Mein roop ki rani' song played on the screen. Now I know y I'm so mad.

Mr India and Eshwar had released much before ' roop ki rani Choron ka raja' and I remember watching these movies on VCR, then on DD and then on cable. Eshwar's character and his innocence is one of my fav characters in Bollywood and I think it is very well played.While watching Mr India, I always imagined myself being little Mr India who will save the world- my Indian version of super hero and I guess that's y I never liked any other super hero- He-man, superman etc etc.

 When people asked me what I would be when I grow up. My answer would be  ‘lawyer'- this was only after watching ‘ Meri Jung’ hahahhahaaha.

And then came my all time fav movie-Rakesh roshan's khel- Anil Kapoor, Madhuri and Anupam kher. This movie is a big Nautanki comedy film. ' mujhko chand Lakar do idleedo idleeedo' was my fav song for the longest time and I have no idea why:)

When Tezaab, Ram lakhan came, by then I was in love with Anil Kapoor- angry, rugged and tapori character. I had no idea that I would like a guy who is rugged has a daadi (beard) and very heroic. And now I know y I never liked chocolate boy looking guysJ

After watching ‘Lamhe’ my respect for this actor grew. It's that time I understood that my love for movie watching was not just limited to enjoyment and entertainment. It was beyond that, it was about observation and characters. Well, I thought I had grown up all of a sudden. Lol. And dancing on ‘ Kabhie mein kahun’ became the ideal way of romance for me. When I think about it, it just brings a smile on my faceJ

Half of my life went in dreaming and living those characters that I saw in these movies. I love it. And I love being mad and filmy.

Anil Kapoor is one of the finest actor and I'm happy that I grew up watching him:) People who think bolywood is crap! I disagree, it has made me laugh, cry, fall in love and made me what I'm today.
Hope to see more of this versatile and brilliant actor, Anil Kapoor.


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