Saturday, 27 July 2013

It's too hard to watch Before Midnight

In the 7th minute,  I was relieved when I figured Jesse and Celiene are together, 9 yrs was too long a wait for me.
'How long's it been since we wandered around, bullshitting'- this line sums up their entire relationship and journey. I don't think I want to get over this movie- probably the best trilogy ever made.
Actually I don't want to call this a movie, bcoz u 've to remind urself again and again that u r just watching a movie. It is too true and honest to be a movie. It is a belief, experience and hope.
The ease of how comfortable they are with each other is a complete beauty to watch.Their conversations -intense, intellectual and funny, which  is the crux of their relationship- . Fights, individuality, frustration, expectation  will come and go but what holds you together is the craziness, comfort and conversations that makes you what you are irrespective of how old u get.This movie is dangerous Bcoz it makes u believe in soul mates and love- which is so young and raw that simply never fades. It makes u believe that when 2 people are made for each other, they will end up together sooner or later.
Nothing in life is simple and straight but life is an adventure when u just be and do what u want to with someone u want to be with it inspite of all the confusion and different things u want from life. Real romance which will make u think, wonder and crave to love and be yourself:) this movie inspires me to write. It gives me a high and makes me happy -a state which i feel is an illusion. But I don't mind living in it forever. The best part is you will never understand this movie till the time u've experienced this love in real.
Before Midnight- a tale of bond, friendship of 2 people who've seen worst of each other but their love is just enough for them to live this twisted journey of life.It instructs about what it’s like to wish for something, someone, and have it come true. It's really hard to watch this film:)