Saturday, 8 December 2012


The limitation to react and act is the freedom we have. Freedom is our existence-it mirrors the state of mind beautifully be it happiness or fear. Freedom is our own thought which lays down rules for mind and heart to function and follow.Surprisingly it also defines relationships and its limitation. 
For some freedom is rare and precious. For some it is taking things for granted. As rightly said by someone 'there is no age to be afraid- unless u try u wont know whether it was worth being afraid of the situation'. And I guess that's why music, dance, movies,writing, love, friendship, passion, basically doing anything that we love gives us freedom- freedom to live, achieve,inspire and most importantly freedom to be our selves. Restrictions, rules, culture will only make us think about what is right and wrong. Freedom simply makes us think beyond the ordinary and allows us to live. Even the smallest thing that we do that gives happiness is experiencing freedom.Do what u love, be with someone who inspires u to live and be ur self only then u will feel freedom to live is the best state of mind