Sunday, 18 December 2011


Khamosh raat mein gum sum nazar aaya chand..
laga jaise.... usse bhi humari tarah neend nahi aa rahi 
uska safed  rang aaj fika lag raha tha mano jaise humari tarah usne bhi akelepan ki chadar aud li ho
chand ne hum se kaha aaj toh sapne bhi yeh kaale badal mein kahin ghum ho gaye hain
yeh suun kar humare rote huye chehre pe halki muskaan aagayi..
humne chand se kaha iss se toh hum roz hi guzarte hain
sapne toh humse aaj kal khafa hi rehte hain...
hum ne chand se puucha kyun yaadon ke jaal mein fasa deti hai yeh raat
chand ne kaha raat toh yaadon ka basera hai...jaise tumhare dil mein mohabbat basti hai...waise hi yaadein bhi raat mein hi basti hai…
gusse mein humne chand se puuch hi liya kya yeh ehsaas sirf hume hi hai ya koi aur bhi guzar raha hai iss se..
chand ne haste huye kaha koi aur bhi hai jo iss se roz guzar raha hai shayad isiliye usne mujhe tumhare paas bhej diya..

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Being a woman!

Has it happened with you ever….when you want to wear something for office that you have in your mind…and you end up wearing something else ….
I was confused(as usual)…couldn’t find the shirt that I wanted to wear and wore a blue shirt instead which was the first thing kept in my cupboard…hmmmm…..not finding my favourite shirt had already made be irritated and morning morning… the feeling that the day will not be good had already creeped in me(can’t help women..and their silly thoughts!)
So with this mindset that my day will not be that good….i left for in the train…And it was like the train had already read my mind and it started crawling….it was so slow that even a fat person could have ran and reached VT faster than me….Shit….gain reached office late..grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
To add to my frustration…one fat aunty who was almost 150 kg stamped on me….(nd I’m just 50 kg)….When will people learn to just say 2 words…EXCUSE ME!..
And that fatso removed a mirror from her purse…and was looking at herself ….Funny part is that her face was so huge that she was not even able to see her entire face in that mirror…hahaaaaaaa bloody bitch! I hate fat people…..
I thought I should be positive….so thought of thinking on some ideas and concepts…but I just couldn’t think of anything..i was blank, the same feeling I had when I was attempting the Math section in CET…..(clueless)
Its November…its winter time…I swear I had just prayed to god that ‘ plz it shouldn’t be that cold this year’….I had no clue that GOD listens to me(kuch aur maang leti..idiot!)It feels like May…it is so hot, which is adding to my frustration…….Oh, I hate this!
After all this I knew I will not get a cab easily….(And trust me it was not a rocket science to know that)
Finally got the cab and after cribbing with my friend …about how bad the morning is…I asked him to tell me a joke so that I feel better….He said ‘ ek tha sardar….that’s it’….ya I know it was not funny but I laughed my heart out….hmmmmm don’t know y???
My mind was not at peace since the previous night….Thoughts…kushti lad rahe theee….About what???Well, it’s a personal problem that I can’t discuss and write about…(u may wonder boyfriend issue)….nahi yaar…Actually more serious than that….life is beyond all this…(hahaha…..I love using this line…makes me sound maturted…Kya karun filmi huun!)
I’m so depressed…may be if I wouldn’t have worn that blue shirt…toh shayad yeh sab nahi hota….
After reaching office, phir wahi kaam…the immediate thought was that I need a holiday!
Next year I have to go on a trip to Europe….(that’s the only thing that will give me peace of mind and help clear my thoughts)…but that can happen only next year …I’m toh depressed NOW…I want to be happy NOW…..what should I do ???So food…sorry good food was in my mind…..I need something really tasty to eat…or rather unhealthy….(shit, I had decided I will start my yoga, running)…I’m more depressed now…i decide every month to get up and run or atleast do yoga for 15 mins…but No…I’m so lazyyyy!...this is super depressing….May be I should shop…But figured from my accounts department …salary has not come yet…..(areee yaar, why god????)
After this I get a call from my friend who is planning to get married…That’s it… I am done…..i’m more depressed...guys and confusion in my life…kab khatam hoga!..Why life can’t be straight and simple…I’m filmi but I don’t want my life to be that filmi..Don’t take me that seriously GOD!
Having a typical woman’s mind..i’m hoping that after a bad start…may be….like may be  I will have a great evening….I might bump into salman or I will win a lottery…frankly I just want some one to listen to my not so interesting and mad stories…hug me and tell me…that it will be all okay richa…..sirf ek shirt tera kuch nahi bigaad sakta…hahaaaa.(sorry, women can only think of all this CUTE things, which the opposite sex is just not interested in)….ufffffffff! I hate men……(whenever a girl says this…she doesn’t mean it)

Moral of the story is women can’t let go of things!....blowing things out of proportion is our specialty…It was a shirt that I couldn’t find…I mean just a shirt…I could have worn a nice hot skirt instead…but NO…that thing was stuck in my head….In a crowded train even I could have stamped on anyone…but I wanted to dramatize the whole situation and make it sound that ‘mere saath hamesha buura kyun hota hai’…the truth is I had not slept properly and that’s wht I couldn’t think of any ideas( And that’s a different thing that I can’t be a genius all the time…nd think of ideas all the time: ) and climate control is not in my hand…..AND thank god I’m not getting married…
Its funny the way women think…no body can do anything about that..because this is the way we are build…I was irritated about something else…which made me cranky the whole day(could have avoided…but can’t avoid such things)….
It is a task to understand a woman…A huge task…(men will second that)..Sometimes we also don’t understand ourselves….hehee…kya karein such is life! (another favourite dialogue of mineJ)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Do kinare

kinaron par khade ho kar laga ki hum bilkul do kinaron ki tarah hi hai..
unn par sirf parchayi hi de rahi thi tumhare saath hone ka ehsaas..
Socha leheron ke saath pahuch jayenge samundar ke uss paar...
Par uss kinare tak pahuchna nahi tha aasan..
phir laga kinare toh kabhie mil na payenge..
dil ne kaha kam se kam lehron mein samakar hum tumhe choo toh payenge..
sama liya apne aap ko aur lehron ke saath ab roz chootein hain hum tumhari parchayi ko..
shayad isiliye log lehron se pyar karte hain, baatein karte hain, apni ore usse aate dekh..usmein samana chahte hain...
yakeen hogaya ki tumhi ne sikhaya hai unhe lehron se mohabbat karna.....