Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fighting for a seat!

Fighting for a seat!

In our country not just the politicians but even the ‘Aam Aadmi’ fights for a seat- the only difference is that this common man fights for a train ‘seat’.

The reason why I’m writing this blog is to take you through a small incident of this so called dream city. Everybody here is struggling and trust me the struggle doesn’t stop at ‘Roti’ Kapda’ ‘Makkan’. The struggle is for smaller things…Oopppssss did I say ‘small’, sorry my bad I meant BIG things like a train ‘seat’.
Well, before telling you the story I want to give an interesting Insight about Women,who travel in the train in Bombay - you see they have this brilliant way of communicating how ‘Dukhiyari’ they are and how much they go through in life- right from getting up in the morning to cooking food, taking care of the in-laws, husband,kids and then travelling in the train to reach office - all this is like a war. And the beauty is that they will do all this but they will also crib about it in some or the other way about this life that they have chosen for themselves.

Bottom line is we Crib- which I’m sure everybody knows and I was just trying to remind!!

Anyway coming back to the story, I struggled to enter this Super fast train from Mulund today (‘Struggle’ – is my favorite word of the day!! So I’m gonna repeat it a lot of times and also this is an appropriate word to describe our lives) My God, I think age is taking a toll on me and I’m getting philosophical day by day!!
So yes, I managed to get in the train somehow and got a place to ‘stand’ (Yippie!!! how lucky my day is gonna be now, atleast i’m not dying of suffocation and sweat). I looked around and found one cute looking fatso and I just liked her face so asked her where will she get down?(No I’m not a lesbian and btw women stare and check out women more than men- though they will not accept it. I’m just being too modest!!!) She told me that she will get down at Byculla (chalo good, atleast 15 minutes I will get o sit before I reach VT station….hmmmmm chatrapati shivaji terminus that’s what they have named the station now. How does it matter??? I still call ‘Bombay’-Bombay and not Mumbai because when I was born it was Bombay and even when I was growing up it was Bombay. And it is very difficult to erase things that you have learnt in childhood!!! People have lot of time in life to sit and change names of the cities, countries, islands etc etc etc and they say they do it to protect the culture, religion and some crap.

As soon as the cute fatso woman said Byculla, three other ladies who were standing next to me screamed like bitches and said ‘You can’t give your seat to someone else because in 1st place this seat doesn’t belong to you. You dint wait in the queue at Thane station and dint follow the rule’

WOW!!! I wondered what is all this??? Have these old fucks gone insane or something!!!

One of the aunties started telling the cute fatso that you have no respect in life. You should be ashamed of yourself and then all the three used my favourite word in their favourite line ‘We STRUGGLE and get up in the morning, manage everything to reach station on time…BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. We have to cook in the morning( this is so funny!!! I was too tempted to ask her do you cook for everyone in the train? No, right!!! Then why are you telling us all this) Anyway continuing her dialogue ‘ I’m sure your parents have not taught you how to respect and BLAH BLAH BLAH’.

Guys, let me throw some light on why these three aunties were going mad. So apparently there has been a rule for the past 5…no wait 10…hmmmm no I guess 15 years( people change the years as per their convenience) that people should stand in the queue at Thane and Dadar station to get in the fast train. And like all the rules this also has its flaws – This is not a rule created by any Governing body or Railways. There is no written documentation of this rule. And the funny thing is that this rule is not applicable to any other stations (Bloody racists!!!)

Who created this rule???? We- the people for the people!!!! It may sound that I’m against the rule. Trust me I’m neither for it nor against it. My only thing is if people have created this rule for making travelling easy and to avoid mishaps, why there is no legal, official rule till now. Why there is no board at these stations talking about it (Probably posters for this rule would be-Pehle wahi chadega jo pehle uthega- some corny line like this)And if somebody is not aware of this rule then you can’t treat them like dirt and act as if the damn train belongs to you.  

People got this rule for their own convenience. And people who talk about following rules forget basic duties that they have as citizens of this country.
The immediate next moment I see one of the aunties throwing half eaten apple outside the window. (Where are all the manners you dumb fuck that you learnt in school and probably you teach your kids- Do not LITTER!)

This is nothing when the cute fatso got up from her seat to get down at Byculla, this insane crazy aunty pushed and held her so that she misses her stop!!!! And then Fatso pushed her back and said ‘Everybody has seen who has manners left and I will follow the rules if there was one- I was not aware of this and there is no notice board at the station talking about it’ ( I don’t why her dialogue delivery was just like Ajay Devgan in Singham- full power packed)

I was shocked to witness that sight and felt bad for fatso. People talk about following rules which they have created for their own convenience and forget the other rules and regulation which has been created for them. It’s funny!!! 

Everybody acts and follows things as per his/her own convenience. I have nothing against anyone but being an observer I felt that I’m not the only one who is fucked in life. There are people who are insane and more fucked in the head than me.

We talk about issues like corruption, scam, rape etc (I’m sure if I start listing the issues, it will turn out to be longer than the blog I’ve written), but before solving bigger issues there are lot of smaller issues to be solved.
In this country democracy is completely raped and used as per their own convenience. I’m not a judge (though I would look cute in the judge outfit) to decide what is right and wrong.

But this incident is a reflection of the daily struggle (I’m in love with this word now!) that people in Bombay city go through. But on the brighter side, struggle is part of our life and with no pains there are no gains- Well, that’s why I say ‘Such is life’:)


  1. So essentially the story is Richa is lazy and did not get the seat; later when her persuasion powers failed to get her a seat she choose to entertain herself with what is going around.......

    but i like the line people make their own rules and forget the ones that has been made for them

  2. Hahaha absolutely Rishi! Lazy toh I am. But travelling in a train is always an interesting experience and every day there is a new observation to make:)